Liberty University

Lynchburg, VA

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Minor in Mathematics
Aug. 2022 - May 2026

GPA: 3.7

Technical Skills

Languages: C++, Java, JavaScript, Python, Rust, C, Go, HTML, CSS

Developer Tools: Git, Linux, VS Code, Visual Studio, Gradle, Maven, Cargo, CMake, Bash, NPM, MacOS

Mathematical Proficiency: Calculus, Number Theory, Discrete Mathematics

Awards: Dean's List, Placed 12th in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the International Collegiate Programming Competition


Club President

May 2023 - Present

Competitive Programming Club Lynchburg, VA
  • Prepared weekly presentations on advanced data structures and algorithms to over 40 club members
  • Taught on advanced C++ and Python concepts relevant to Competitive Programming
  • Managed over $3,000 worth of club assets
  • Initiated Liberty University's first individual programming competition hosted at the university
  • Planned and hosted tryouts for 11 programming teams to determine which teams would represent us at the ICPC
  • Managed 4 club officers and delegated duties for the club to run smoothly
Java Engineering Intern

May 2023 - Aug 2023

IPConfigure Inc. Norfolk, VA
  • Produced over 2000 lines of production level code
  • Extended the product API to include multiple new endpoints for data accessibility
  • Worked with 5 developers on the Java team to bring forth a new release with over 300 quality assurance tests
  • Wrote over 80 unit tests to ensure code stability and long term support
  • Demonstrated exceptional programming knowledge and debugging skills when encountering problems
  • Documented new API endpoints for presentation at team meetings for collaborative feedback
Full Stack Developer

July 2023 - September 2023

Pypup Inc.
  • Redesigned the front-end of the website using Angular and Tailwind CSS
  • Aided in the addition of the Rust language for code submission
  • Contributed over 30 problems and provided valuable feedback about discrepancies in the website


Programming Club Website -
Next.js, Tailwind CSS, Google Firebase

May 2023

  • Club members are able to compete against one another through our competition page where we upload weekly problems
  • Utilized the Firebase Real-Time Database to store user data and seamlessly implement statistics for each user
  • Added enhanced security to block evil actors from performing unauthorized use

Sudoku Solver | Rust

March 2023

  • Developed a program to solve sudoku puzzles with a brute force algorithm
  • Optimized the algorithm's performance to use the least amount of memory possible through the use of bit manipulation
  • Integrated the solver with a GUI and compiled it to my website using Web Assembly

Language Interpreter | Rust

June 2023

  • Developed an tree-walking interpreter for a programming language
  • Added functionality to support conditionals, implicit and explicit returns, recursive functions, closures, and a standard library

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